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 Quality Control


Quality has been built into Champion’s culture, which is the highest value of top management.
We link quality with profitability, define it from our customers’ point of view, look it as a competitive edge and integrate it into our strategic plan.
To us, Quality means quality of products, quality of management, quality of service, quality of information, quality of division, quality of company and quality of objective.

Our Quality Management Purpose:

Define the Quality Assurance Policy and ensure customers satisfaction.

Our Quality Management Scope:

All our Champion employees and our qualified factories are included.

Our Quality Management Policy:
Design for Quality: We emphasize products design to match the process, parameter limits set up by the process are adjusted with design limits, therefore, products design is always guard banded again process capabilities.

Reliability in Quality: All the contributing factors to quality such as equipments, management system, personnel and environment are utilized to maintain high level of the product quality and reliability.
Statistical Process Control(SPC):
1:Data collection(monitoring)
2:Process control(performance studies)
3:Process improvement(process capability

The quality improvement team is responsible for completing performance studies on all nodes and calculating process capability(CP)index for each node. The team has procedures for corrective action on all quality-related problems, it evaluate the potential impact and find remedial actions.

Total Quality Management(TQM)approach:
TQM involves all employees in the process of satisfying our customers, to meet customer requirements. We establish zero defect and on-time delivery goals. It is committed to service excellence from initial customer contact, through development and design, then in manufacturing, and includes sustained support after the sale.

We are using TQM to drive customer satisfaction.
Quality Certification:

The performance of the manufactory could be reflected from a number of awards received.

Our manufacturer awarded ISO-9001:2000 and ISO14001, we continuously put in our resource to sharpen our business and engineering process to further elevate our quality level.